Flix Brewhouse El Paso

In the dynamic world of entertainment and leisure, Flix Brewhouse El Paso stands as a remarkable destination that amalgamates cinematic marvels with delightful culinary experiences. The establishment is renowned for showcasing an extensive mix of modern and classic films, accompanied by a diverse selection of handcrafted beers and distinctively flavorful menu items. Moreover, artful insights into individual facets of Flix Brewhouse El Paso, such as the candid photographs from Flix Brewhouse Oklahoma City and crafty expressions at the Flix Tricks Bike Shop, offer an intriguing panoramic view. As a part of the broader Flix Brewhouse family, this El Paso establishment also shares a close kinship with the likes of Flix Brewhouse San Antonio and Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque, each bearing the signature blend of entertainment and culinary adventure. Additionally, this article sheds light on the enticing Happy Hour deals and convenient online ticket booking services, providing a holistic understanding of the enriching experiences that Flix Brewhouse El Paso has to offer.

Overview of Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Flix Brewhouse in El Paso is an innovative one-stop destination for movie and craft beer enthusiasts alike. Fusing the magic of big screen and the burgeoning craft brewery culture all under one roof, Flix Brewhouse provides an unforgettable multi-experiential service.


This entertainment hub is conveniently situated in El Paso City, a bustling metropolis teeming with a rich local culture and an ever dynamic social scene. It’s easily accessible via public or private transportation, making it an idyllic location for city dwellers eager for a unique cinematic and gastronomic experience.

Contact information

While every Flix Brewhouse location values customer service, the El Paso branch goes above and beyond. Their dedicated and professional team is always ready to accommodate queries and feedback. You won’t have to worry about unanswered questions or unresolved issues.

Hours of operation

The Flix Brewhouse in El Paso has considerate hours of operation, catering to a whole range of schedules. Whether you’re seeking an afternoon matinee or a late-night flick, their accommodating timetable ensures there’s always a showtime that fits into your day.

Unique Features of Flix Brewhouse El Paso

State-of-the-art theater

At Flix Brewhouse, you will revel in the state-of-the-art theatre features providing an unparalleled movie-watching experience. Each auditorium is tailored with pioneering projection technology and high-resolution silver screens to bring every movie detail to astounding clarity.

In-theater dining

Combining gastronomy and cinema, Flix Brewhouse presents a unique in-theater dining experience. Offering service straight to your seat, you’re able to relish your meal while immersing yourself in the movie, bringing the convenience and excitement of dining straight to your plush, comfortable theater seat.

Craft brewery

With their onsite craft brewery, Flix Brewhouse stakes their claim as the only first-run movie theater in the world to incorporate a fully functional microbrewery. With an array of craft beers on offer to satiate diverse palates, it personifies the perfect blend of cinematic culture and brewery sophistication.

Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Flix Brewhouse El Paso Movie Selection

Current movie listings

Flix Brewhouse is committed to providing diverse choices for moviegoers. Current movie listings span a broad spectrum of genre, from Hollywood blockbusters to international films and critically acclaimed independent works.

Special movie events

Flix Brewhouse El Paso prides itself in offering special movie events including screenings of classic films, interactive movie nights, and theme-inspired movie premieres. This ensures every visit to the Flix Brewhouse exhibits an element of novelty and excitement.

Kid-friendly showtimes

A trusted choice for family-friendly entertainment, Flix Brewhouse El Paso also offers a selection of kids’ movies along with dedicated showtimes. This provides an opportunity for families to share a memorable movie experience tailored to everyone’s enjoyment.

In-Theater Dining Experience at Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Menu overview

The menu at Flix Brewhouse El Paso stands out as its own attraction. It offers a wide array of food choices ranging from classic cinema snacks, gourmet meals, and special themed dishes that are constantly updated to reflect the freshest flavors and the most inventive cuisines.

Beer selection

The heart of Flix Brewhouse undoubtedly lies in its craft beer selection. With a variety of locally sourced and internationally acclaimed beers, Flix Brewhouse certainly leaves a mark in the craft brewing scene in El Paso.

Dining system/ordering process

One touch order system incorporated at Flix Brewhouse adds another layer of convenience to their in-theater dining service. With easily navigable menus and an attentive staff, ordering your food becomes as engaging as the movie you are watching.

Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Craft Brewery at Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Beer variety

As a reputable craft brewery, Flix Brewhouse El Paso offers an impressive array of craft beers. Whether you have a taste for a robust stout or a refreshing pale ale, Flix Brewhouse boasts a range that leaves no beer lover behind.

Brewing philosophy

At the core of Flix Brewhouse’s brewing philosophy is a steadfast commitment to quality and innovation. The team is intensely passionate, continuously pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing to create unique brews that both surprise and please.

Award-winning brews

This commitment to craft brewing excellence has led Flix Brewhouse to garner several accolades in national and international beer competitions. Their collection of award-winning brews is testament to their ceaseless dedication to enhancing the craft beer experience.

Special Promotions at Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Happy hour deals

Flix Brewhouse offers exciting happy hour deals that allow guests to enjoy their favorite brews and bites at discounted prices. These deals make Flix Brewhouse an attractive destination for after-work socials or a mid-week treat.

Discount days

Dedicated discount days offered by Flix Brewhouse provide an affordable avenue for patrons to enjoy their top-quality cinematic and dining experiences.

Membership perks

Particular membership packages available at Flix Brewhouse El Paso entitle members to additional perks and privileges. These include exclusive access to early bookings, discounts, and rewards which cater to loyal patrons and frequent visitors.

Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Flix Brewhouse El Paso Reviews

Customer feedback

The customer feedback of Flix Brewhouse El Paso typically reflects the high standards they set for themselves. Customers rave about their remarkable in-theater dining experience, extensive beer selection, impressive movie selection, and exceptional customer service.

Rating systems

On multiple rating platforms, Flix Brewhouse El Paso has consistently received high scores, a testament to their continued delivery of quality services and delightful experiences.


While critiques have been few and far between, Flix Brewhouse takes them into stride. They have consistently displayed dedication in employing any feedback to their advantage, aligning it to their goal of consistently improving the customer experience.

Job Opportunities at Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Current job openings

Being part of Flix Brewhouse means joining a team of passionate individuals who work towards creating memorable experiences for every customer. There are numerous job openings spanning front of house to back of house operations, administration and management.

Application process

The application process at Flix Brewhouse is clear and straightforward, designed to identify candidates with the right skill set, a passion for the arts and a zest for customer service.

Employee benefits and work culture

Flix Brewhouse offers competitive benefits to its team members, fostering a conducive work environment that promotes personal and professional growth. Their vibrant work culture, centered around collaboration and innovation, is among the many reasons why employees find their work fulfilling.

Flix Brewhouse El Paso

Flix Brewhouse El Paso and COVID-19 Response

Reopening plan

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Flix Brewhouse El Paso has formulated an meticulous reopening plan. Their top priority remains the safety of their customers and staff.

Safety protocols

Upgraded safety protocols include social distancing measures, advanced online booking systems, intensified cleaning routines and mandatory face coverings. These have been put in place to ensure that customers can continue to enjoy their services with peace of mind.

Customer feedback

The reaction from customers towards these new implementations has been largely positive. Patrons have appreciated and recognized the tireless efforts by the management to prioritize safety without compromising on the Flix Brewhouse experience.

Latest News and Updates from Flix Brewhouse El Paso

New movie releases

Flix Brewhouse consistently updates its movie listings with new releases. They strive to bring in a blend of mainstream releases, indie films and classics keeping the movie selection fresh and intriguing for recurring customers.

Upcoming events

Flix Brewhouse also has a line-up of exciting events planned which includes holiday specials, themed movie nights, and new beer launches at their craft brewery. These events provide visitors constantly evolving ways to enjoy the Flix Brewhouse experience.

Recent awards or recognition

The Flix Brewhouse El Paso has received several prestigious accolades for its innovative concept, its craft brews, and its commitment to quality service. These recognitions further cement its reputation as a leading entertainment hub in the city.

In conclusion, Flix Brewhouse El Paso is more than just a regular cinema or a brew pub. It is a transformational destination that melds entertainment and libation into a unique, unforgettable experience. An inviting atmosphere, diverse movie selection, artisanal beers and a tantalizing menu – all work in harmony to create a unique and exceptional cinematic journey beyond the screen.

Flix Brewhouse El Paso

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