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Venturing into the multifaceted world of Flix Brewery, you immerse yourself in a diverse variety of hot topics that span across both regional and global concerns. As your reliable source of up-to-the-minute content, this comprehensive guide presents you with essential insights about Flix Brewery including an exploration of the latest Pure Flix Movies 2021, the vibrant brewing culture in Albuquerque and the delights of the brewhouse menu in Des Moines. It also brings attention to the high-impact world of Flix Tricks Bike Shop, offers a focus on the attraction of the San Antonio location, and ponders the question of Tna Flix’s safety – showcasing the breadth and depth of the Flix brand. So sit back and let us guide you through the ins and outs of what Flix Brewery has to offer amidst an increasingly competitive landscape.

Flix Brewery

Overview of Flix Brewery

Flix Brewery is an innovative chain of entertainment venues that combine two beloved pastimes: cinema and craft brewing. Notably, it stands as a pioneer in the brewery theatre concept in the United States.

Definition of Flix Brewery

Flix Brewery operates as a part and parcel of Flix Brewhouse, which features a fully operational microbrewery that serves both its own unique craft beers and a curated selection of various other exceptional beers. Beyond offering patrons a craft-focused beer lineup, it facilitates an incredibly immersive cinema experience, further deepening the establishment’s appeal.

Origin and History

The concept of Flix Brewery arose from the realization that there was a section of the market that craved an environment where excellent cinema could be enjoyed alongside quality beer. Capitalizing on this insight, the first Flix Brewhouse opened its doors in Round Rock, Texas, in 2011. Since then, the brand has flourished, branching out to various states across the nation.


Flix Brewery services are available at all Flix Brewhouse locations, including those in Albuquerque, Des Moines, El Paso, Round Rock, and San Antonio. Each location offers the brand’s distinctive blend of remarkable cinema and craft beer experiences.

Pure Flix Movies

Best Recent Releases

Over the years, Pure Flix, an independent Christian film and television studio, has developed a rich repertoire of content. Standout releases in 2021 included faith-driven films that resonated deeply with audiences, such as “The Girl Who Believes in Miracles” and “Redeeming Love”.

Upcoming Movies for 2022

The 2022 slate of Pure Flix films already holds promise with titles such as “God’s Not Dead: We the People” expected to follow in the successful footsteps of its predecessors and inspire audiences with their faith-filled narratives.

Is Pure Flix Free with Amazon Prime

At present, Pure Flix is a standalone subscription-based service and is not included as part of the Amazon Prime service. As such, it requires its separate subscription to access its pool of content.

Flix Brewery

Dining at Flix Brewhouse

Review of Menu

The menu at Flix Brewhouse is designed to cater to a variety of tastes, encompassing everything from pub classics to gourmet offerings. Alongside their popular popcorn and nachos, visitors can enjoy sumptuous burgers, artisanal pizzas, and even chef-crafted delicacies.

The Flix Brewhouse Happy Hour

The Flix Brewhouse Happy Hour offers exceptional privileges that enhance the viewing experience. This includes discounts on select appetizers and certain craft beers, promising a truly enjoyable time for patrons.

Kid-Friendly Dining Options

While the brewhouse primarily caters to an adult clientele, they have also included kid-friendly options on their menu to ensure a fun, enjoyable experience for the entire family. Young visitors can delve into options such as mini-corn dogs, cheese pizzas, and crispy chicken bites.

Watching Movies at Flix Brewhouse

Movie Times and Showtimes

Movie times at Flix Brewhouse are prominently displayed on their website and physical locations. They offer a versatile repertoire of films, providing a range of viewing times throughout the day to cater to the varying schedules of their visitors.

Ticket Pricing and Purchase

Ticket prices at Flix Brewhouse are competitively priced in line with typical movie theater rates. Additionally, they offer discounted tickets for matinee performances, seniors, children, military personnel, and first responders. Tickets are readily available for purchase at the box office, self-service ticketing kiosks, or online through their official website or the Flix Brewhouse app.

Special Features and Amenities

Flix Brewhouse takes pride in providing a superior movie-watching experience with state-of-the-art audio and visual technology, comfortable high-backed recliners, and table-side service for food and beverages right from your seat. An added bonus is their commitment to starting the movie on time with no pre-film advertising.

Flix Brewery

Flix Brewhouse Locations

Flix Brewhouse Des Moines

Flix Brewhouse Des Moines, situated in Merle Hay Mall, has quickly emerged as a preferred entertainment destination in Iowa, offering an unrivaled blend of quality films and craft beers.

Flix Brewhouse San Antonio

Located in the Live Oak Town Center, Flix Brewhouse San Antonio offers a premier movie experience complete with first-run films, in-seat food and beverage service, and a variety of special events.

Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque

Flix Brewhouse Albuquerque, ensconced comfortably in the Westside corridor, has swiftly earned a coveted spot among local moviegoers and craft beer enthusiasts alike with its unique brewery theater concept.

Flix Brewhouse Round Rock

Flix Brewhouse Round Rock, the original conception of the Flix brand, has been a pillar of the Round Rock community since 2011, captivating audiences with its vibrant mix of movies and craft brews.

Flix Brewhouse El Paso

The newest addition to the Flix family, Flix Brewhouse El Paso, nestled in Eastlake Marketplace, has been warmly welcomed by the local community, invigorating the local entertainment scene with its comfortable movie-going and dine-in experience.

Flix Brewery Services and Specials

Flix Kids

Flix Brewhouse’s Flix Kids program offers special screenings of family-friendly movies at discounted prices, making it an ideal outing for families with younger children.

Flix on 6

Flix on 6 is an initiative aimed at regularly showcasing cinematically and critically acclaimed films for the discerning spectators among their clientele who seek more than just mainstream releases.

Flix Tagger Service

The Flix Tagger service, a novel concept, provides movie enthusiasts with the opportunity to handpick and reserve their preferred seats, elevating the movie-watching experience to a new level.

Fan Flix

Through Fan Flix, Flix Brewhouse provides fans the option of privately renting a theater to watch their favorite films with their chosen company, promising an intimate and personalized theater experience.

Flix Brewery

The Flix Brewhouse App


The Flix Brewhouse App exists as a convenient tool for patrons to purchase tickets, pre-order food and drinks, and stay updated on the latest releases and special events.

Features and Benefits

With a user-friendly interface and a slew of features, the app allows easy navigation for showtimes, ticket purchases, and meal pre-orders. Additionally, it offers reward points on every transaction, significantly enhancing user benefits.

How to Download and Use

The Flix Brewhouse App can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. After installing, users can sign up or log in to their existing account to start using the app immediately.

Employment Opportunities at Flix Brewhouse

Job Listings

Flix Brewhouse frequently posts job listings for a wide range of roles including servers, brewer assistants, and management positions. These listings can often be found on their official website or popular employment websites.

Hiring Process

The hiring process at Flix Brewhouse involves submitting an online application, followed by in-person interviews, and in certain cases, a practical skills assessment, particularly for roles related to food and beverages.

Employee Benefits

Flix Brewhouse is committed to taking care of its employees. Beyond competitive pay packages, they offer a range of benefits, such as insurance coverage, free movie tickets, and dining discounts.

Flix Brewery

Flix Brewhouse Competitors and Alternatives

Comparison to Traditional Movie Theaters

While traditional movie theaters focus solely on film screenings, Flix Brewhouse aims to create a distinct experience combining entertainment with gastronomy. This hybrid model serves as a unique selling proposition, setting Flix Brewhouse apart from conventional cinemas.

Comparison to Other Brewery Theaters

Other brewery theaters might offer a similar concept, but what sets Flix Brewhouse apart is their commitment to providing an exceptional cinema and dining experience. Their intricately designed menus and dedication to craft brewing have positioned them as one of the leaders in this niche segment of the industry.

Comparison to Streaming Services

Streaming platforms have changed the way we consume media, offering convenience and an extensive library of content. Although Flix Brewhouse follows a more traditional approach, it enhances it with a gourmet dining experience and the social aspect that many patrons still seek.

The Future of Flix Brewhouse

Upcoming Plans and Expansions

The Flix Brewhouse brand continually looks for growth opportunities with plans to open new venues and introduce innovative offerings. They aim to maintain their pioneering stride as they continue to reinvent and redefine the movie theater experience across the nation.

Changes in Movie and Dining Industry

The impact of technological advancements and changes in consumer behavior have resulted in significant shifts in the movie and dining industry. Flix Brewhouse is dedicated to staying adaptable and evolving with these changes to meet and surpass customer expectations.

Predicted Trends

As viewing habits and food or drink preferences are constantly changing, flexibility will be pivotal to the Flix Brewhouse strategy moving forward. They will need to keep a close eye on emerging trends, particularly those relating to craft brewing and cinema, to continue providing exceptional value to their patrons.

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