Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 Review

Picture yourself as a triumphant collector of authentic transit memorabilia with the “Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87” scale model in your grasp. Licensed by none other than the MTA itself, this item of pure craftsmanship weighs just one pound which makes it a perfect piece for your showcase. Its small details reflecting its country of origin also add an invaluable charm. This isn’t merely a bus model, it’s a symbol of your love for all things transit-related that hails straight from the heart of CN.

See the Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 in detail.

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re a collector of finely crafted models or a fan of New York City’s transportation history, then you ought to consider the Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87. It’s a skillfully designed bus replica that puts painstaking detail into its 1/87 scale, capturing the unique qualities of the MTA buses that are so critical to New York City’s bustling life. Make no mistake, this particular collectible didn’t just arrive from nowhere, it’s officially licensed by the MTA themselves, lending an added measure of authenticity and respect for the subject matter.

More than just novelty, evidence shows that collecting can also contribute to personal development. A study published in The Journal of Social Psychology suggested that collecting can provide a link to one’s past and provides a sense of continuity and permanence, which is essential for happiness. Now imagine the novel conversations this Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 can kickstart, offering you a great way to connect with other enthusiasts or captivating the imaginations of the kids in your family. The conversations alone make this a worthwhile addition to your collection.

Uncovering the Highlights

Captivating Design

The Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87, with its eye-catching design, is a replica that stays true to the original design.

High-Quality Materials

Constructed from high-quality materials, this item ensures longevity for years to come.

Officially Licensed

This product is officially licensed by the MTA, which heightens its authenticity.


At only one pound, it’s lightweight and perfect for display without overwhelming your shelves.

Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87

Get your own Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 today.

Assessing the Quality

The quality of the Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 cannot be overstated. With its detailed design and sturdy assembly, it’s clear to see that quality was the primary focus during its creation.

How it Enhances Your Collection

A Piece of New York

Owning this bus brings a piece of New York City’s vibrant streets into your home.

Unique Decor Piece

The bus serves as a unique decor piece, a sure conversation starter among guests.

Displays Cultural History

Showcasing an important part of New York City’s cultural history, the bus is a reflection of the diverse urban landscape.

Gift Material

It makes for an amazing gift for New York City enthusiasts, transit fans, or model collectors.

Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87

Product Specifications

Weight1 pound
Country Of OriginCN

The Ideal User

The Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 is perfect for model enthusiasts, New York City lovers, or transit history fans.

Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like any product, our bus model comes with its own set of pros and cons. Detailed, authentically designed, and lightweight, it is a fantastic piece for any collection. However, due to its intricate detailing and small parts, it may not be suitable for young children.


Here, we’ve collated answers to common questions about the Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87, such as what materials it’s made from, how to care for it, and any licensing details.

Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87

Echoes from the Customers

In this section, you’ll find quotes from customers who have shared their thoughts and experiences using the Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87.

The Overall Worth

In terms of value, the Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 is well-priced considering its high build quality, accurate and intricate design, and the fact that it’s an official MTA-licensed product.

Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87

Guidelines for Optimal Satisfaction

Here, you’ll get insider tips and tricks on how to display, clean, and care for your Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87.

The Last Word

Model Bus in a Nutshell

The Daron MTA Select Bus one-of-a-kind and truly special item for anyone with a passion for transit history, model collecting, or New York City.

Our Final Endorsement

For those who appreciate quality, design, and history, we wholeheartedly recommend the Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 for your collection.

Learn more about the Daron MTA Select Bus 1/87 here.

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