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A Guide to the Different Types of Beads for Bracelets

A Guide to the Different Types of Beads for Bracelets

We all know that bracelets are classic fashion statements. But some of us might not understand all the intricacies of making a great bracelet. After all, it’s tempting to toss a bevy of beads into a wire cuff and head out the door!

A fashionable new bracelet can be an alluring prospect if you want to upgrade your wardrobe. But how do you begin?

Well, let’s look at all the types of beads for bracelets you might want to consider.

Glass Beads

Glass beads come in various colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. You’ll never be short on inspiration when putting together your piece.

If you’re looking for extra sparkle, glass beads are the way to go. These shiny beads come in round, oval, square, rectangular, and heart shapes to mix and match your heart’s content.

They don’t absorb or penetrate oils. They maintain their color and shape long after all the other types of beads. 

Gemstone Beads

These beautiful beads range from semi-precious stones to precious stones, including jade, turquoise, quartz, and more. Gemstone beads have been used for centuries. Many cultures view them as having spiritual and healing properties.

Gemstone beads must be treated carefully as some are easily scratched and chipped. Many use beading thread or wire to preserve the gemstone beads’ original beauty. 

Metal Beads

They come in various styles, such as caged, uni-ball, rhinestones, and more. Caged metal beads are often intricately designed with ornate patterns or abstract shapes. Uniball metal beads are single-piece constructions.

Rhinestone metal beads are covered with an array of sparkling crystals that add a touch of elegance to the bracelet. Remember to use sturdy stringing material such as nylon-coated stainless steel beading wire to ensure the security of your jewels. 

Wood Beads

They have a rustic, natural feel that adds a unique charm to your bracelet. Common wood beads include walnut, mahogany, ebony, and oak. When selecting wood beads, there are several factors to consider, such as size, shape, color, strength, and texture.

Wood beads are often designed with intricate patterns and sometimes have multiple holes drilled through them. This allows for more options for thread or wire when stringing them together.

Combining wood and other materials like glass beads and charms creates a unique look when assembling a bracelet. Wood beads also serve as a way to add a personal touch to the bracelet.

Unconventional Beads

Unconventional beads might include wooden, old coins, shells, metal components, carved bone or ceramic beads, and more. When choosing these types of beads, it’s important to consider the scale and shapes of the other dots in the design and the overall feel. 

Consider incorporating some unconventional beads to make a unique and edgy bracelet. Mix and match metals or shapes to create an interesting effect and develop an eye-catching piece. When buying bracelets and looking for a unique one, check out these dragon bracelets.

Choose the Best Types of Beads for Bracelets

Overall, beads make a great addition to any bracelet. Many different types of beads for bracelets come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose a bead to accentuate best the mood you want to portray with your bracelet.

Try out different types of beads to create your unique and personal bracelet today!

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