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5 Aerial Tips for Piloting Your Real Estate Photography Drone

5 Aerial Tips for Piloting Your Real Estate Photography Drone

Aerial views of listings and homes are desired by many buyers, and they now expect to see that on the internet.

You could be missing out on sales if you don’t invest in your own drone yet. It’s one of the best money-making investments you can make as a real estate agent or agent.

Are you wondering how to use a drone to its fullest capacity? Keep reading for the five best real estate photography drone tips to help you out.

1. Understand and Comply With Local Regulations

One of the most important tips for flying your real estate photography drone is to know and follow the rules for flying in your area. The FAA has outlined regulations for flying drones for commercial purposes in the United States. Also, local agencies may also have additional requirements.

If you plan to fly your drone for real estate photography, be sure to consult the FAA website to become familiar with the regulations about a real estate drone. When on the job, be sure to check the local news for temporary restrictions and always abide by those rules.

2. Use Manual Camera Settings

This will give you high-quality footage and more control over the final result. Manual settings will help mitigate any motion blur that can be caused by a shaky camera. It also ensures greater control over the contrast, color saturation, and exposure level of the images.

Using the right ISO setting and aperture can also make a picture that is well-balanced and has great details.

3. Plan Your Flight in Advance

Planning your flight before you pilot your real estate photography drone is essential to success. You should also consider the weather conditions, lighting requirements, and the type of property you are photographing.

Additionally, you should always keep your drone within line of sight, as well as away from any persons or personal properties on the ground, to maintain safety throughout the flight and ensure you capture the optimal images.

4. Utilize the Drone’s Intelligent Flight Modes

Whether you want to capture certain angles or achieve a specific speed, using a drone with intelligent flight modes can be extremely beneficial. For example, using the orbiting modes allows you to automatically circle a specific area so that you can more accurately capture aerial photography with just a few taps on your controller.

Similarly, the Tripod mode allows you to slow down the speed of your drone to about 2 m/s and gives you more precise control while still being able to shoot great aerial photos.

5. Pay Attention to Composition and Framing

Knowing how to compose the perfect shot is key when working with a drone, and framing will help highlight the building’s features in a dramatic way. Utilize diagonal lines to add depth to the frame, as well as leading lines to draw the viewer’s eye further into the shot.

When shooting real estate, consider the angles and lighting available to you, as these can vastly improve the composition of the photo. After taking the best shots, consider graphic design for real estate to enhance the final look.

Make the Most of Your Real Estate Photography Drone

Real estate photography drone photography has opened a window to capture stunning aerial shots that weren’t possible before. Following these tips will help you become a much more competent drone pilot.

Try some of these aerial tips to ensure you get amazing real estate photography results every time. Take your real estate imagery to the next level today!

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