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Many different factors might contribute to poor dental health. It is possible to have difficulty adequately brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist regularly for various reasons, including a fear of a dental professional, sickness, medications, and more. You are not the only one if you do not take the necessary steps to care for your teeth and gums. If you do not adjust your dental hygiene routine, you will undoubtedly experience a decrease in oral health, as described below. In this blog post, provided by dentists in Nashville, TN, we will discuss the issues arising from disregarding dental health. 

Problems Explained by Dentists in Nashville, TN That Occur When You Ignore Dental Health:

Here are some of the most common problems associated with oral health negligence as explained by dentists in Nashville, TN;


If you don’t eliminate plaque (by cleaning and flossing) every day, it will build up and solidify into tartar. Even after an expert dental cleaning removes tartar, the teeth may still look discolored, necessitating further treatment, such as brightening, orthodontic bonding, or veneers. Tartar is full of germs and aids in trapping bacterial growth close to the tooth and gum area, contributing to cavities and periodontal disease development. Hence, dentists in Nashville suggest daily flossing and teeth brushing. 


If tooth decay is caught early at a routine dental checkup, it is generally an easy fix with a filling. However, dental decay can spread beneath the enamel’s protective layer and into the teeth’ core and foundations if not treated promptly. At that point, even the most advanced fillings will not be able to save the tooth. Root canal therapy or extraction and dental implant placement performed by Nashville dentists may be necessary when tooth decay reaches the tooth’s pulp.

Gum problems:

In addition to the need for more extensive procedures to keep your teeth, the progression of gum disease (which causes inflammation, bleeding, gum loss, and painful fissures) also weakens your gums. Gum disease, if left untreated, progressively destroys gum tissue and puts teeth at risk of falling out of the socket. Gingivitis is the most prevalent kind of early gum illness, but it may be treated and prevented with good at-home care and biannual visits to the dentist.

Gum/Tooth Loss:

The harmony of your teeth, gums, and jawbone makes your smile attractive and practical. The jawbone and gums work together to maintain your teeth in place, and the force from your teeth’s roots helps your jawbone stay strong. These three are all put at risk by periodontitis (a serious gum illness). Some or perhaps most teeth may be salvageable if the gum tissue is repaired through medical and regenerative procedures as soon as possible. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does ignoring oral health impact overall health?

Ignoring one’s dental health can considerably negatively affect one’s entire health. Inadequate dental hygiene might enable bacteria from the mouth to get into the bloodstream and then migrate to other body regions, which may cause health disorders or worsen existing conditions. Inadequate oral health has been related to several systemic diseases and illnesses, including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, infections of the respiratory tract, and unfavorable outcomes during pregnancy. It is necessary to take care of one’s dental health and visit the best dentist in Nashville, TN, twice a year. 

Can ignoring oral health cause a lack of confidence?

If someone does not take care of their dental health, it can have a detrimental impact on their appearance as well as their self-esteem. Inadequate oral hygiene can result in discoloration of the teeth, foul breath, and noticeable dental disorders such as abscesses and gingivitis. These problems can have a substantial impact on a person’s smile and the general appearance of their face, which can hurt their sense of self-worth and the way they interact with others. Hence, visiting a cosmetic dentist in Nashville is recommended before things deteriorate. 

Can ignoring oral hygiene cause pain?

Nashville, TN, dentists suggest that disregarding oral health can lead to persistent pain in the teeth and gums. Dental cavities, gum recession, and tooth problems can all lead to chronic discomfort and pain in the areas they impact. If you ignore these difficulties, it could lead to the development of fundamental tooth disorders, which would make the discomfort worse. The most important things you can do to avoid and relieve chronic tooth pain are to get regular dental checkups and cleanings and to practice proper oral hygiene.

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