Burrata Where To Buy

Navigating the potentially complex world of cheese-buying, you might have found yourself at a crossroads, looking for the delightful, creamy delicacy known as Burrata. This introductory article sheds light on the essential sites for procuring this fine cheese, casting the spotlight on both physical and online locations. As someone on a quest to savour this flavorful Italian delight, you will gain valuable insights on where Burrata can be bought, the quality and prices offered by each site, and how to ensure you secure the freshest product possible.

Understanding Burrata

Burrata, a cherished prize in the world of cheese, is an exquisite Italian delicacy that offers a divine culinary experience. Nestled within its unique pouch-like structure, it holds a delightful surprise. The luscious and creamy contents melt in your mouth, making it a versatile ingredient that complement a variety of dishes, from salads to pizzas.

Definition of Burrata

In essence, Burrata is a semi-soft Italian cheese. It essentially consists of mozzarella on the outside and the opulent mix of cream and cheese curd, known as stracciatella, on the inside. The smooth outer shell encases an even creamier center that yields a luxurious taste and texture.

Origin of Burrata

Originating in the Apulia region of Italy, Burrata was traditionally made using buffalo’s milk, much like its close relative, Mozzarella. It was first created in the early 20th century by the Bianchini family in the city of Andria, in an attempt to reduce waste and use up the residual cream and cheese scraps leftover from the cheese-making process.

Nutritional Facts About Burrata

While Burrata may seem indulgent, it carries substantial nutritional value. It is rich in proteins, calcium, and phosphorous. A serving of Burrata can provide up to 13 g of protein. Furthermore, Burrata also contributes to saturated fats and cholesterol, thus it should be consumed in moderation.

Making Burrata at Home

Creating Burrata at home can be a rewarding gastronomic experience. Its preparation requires careful attention and precision to achieve the desired texture and flavor.

Ingredients Needed

To make Burrata, you would need the following ingredients: Mozzarella curd, rennet, citric acid, heavy cream, and salt. Please note that high-quality fresh mozzarella curd is crucial for the success of this recipe.

Steps for Preparation

The process begins by cutting the mozzarella curd into small pieces. Subsequently, warm water, citric acid, and rennet are added, after which the contents are mixed until the curd begins to separate. The curd is then heated and stretched until smooth, and a small portion is pulled off to form the outer shell. Stracciatella is made by combining more curd with cream and stuffing it into the mozzarella shell which is then sealed.

Tips for Perfect Burrata

It is crucial to work quickly once the stretching stage begins, as the cheese may lose its elasticity if it cools down too much. Furthermore, it’s imperative to close the pouch securely to prevent any cream from leaking out.

How to Choose Quality Burrata

Choosing a quality Burrata requires careful consideration. Recognizing freshness and identifying key features can enhance your Burrata experience.

Checking for Freshness

The hallmark of fresh Burrata is a damp, slightly shiny outer shell. Furthermore, when cut open, the creamy stracciatella inside should spill out.

Important Features to Look for

Look for Burrata that is stored in whey or lightly salted water. Another indicator could be the country of origin. Italian Burrata, specifically from Apulia, is often celebrated for its superiority.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Beware of Burrata that looks overly dry or appears to have a hardened outer layer, as these are signs of aging.

Supermarkets That Sell Burrata

Given Burrata’s growing popularity, many supermarkets stock this delectable cheese.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market houses a wide array of cheeses, including Burrata. They often provide options sourced from local farmers and international producers.

Trader Joe’s

You can find Burrata in the cheese section of Trader Joe’s. They usually offer regular and organic varieties.


Walmart also stocks Burrata. While their selection might not be as expansive, you can usually find a couple of options.


Costco stores carry Burrata, usually found in multiple-serving containers.

Online Platforms for Buying Burrata

Convenient online platforms also allow you to purchase Burrata from the comfort of your home.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh offers a comfortable and quick option to buy Burrata with fast home delivery.


With Instacart, you can purchase Burrata from a variety of local stores and have it delivered right to your doorstep.


FreshDirect sells fresh Burrata and features extensive options from various sources.

Italian Delicatessens for Authentic Burrata

Italian delicatessens are a culturally rich source for this coveted cheese, offering the precious opportunity to experience Burrata’s authentic taste.

Identifying Italian Delicatessens

Italian delicatessens, or ‘delis,’ are small retail establishments that sell a select variety of imported Italian food staples. They are often family-owned, carrying a comprehensive assortment of traditional Italian cheeses.

Purchasing from a Delicatessen

The advantage of buying Burrata from a delicatessen is that you benefit from the extensive knowledge of the owners. They can provide valuable advice and information regarding the origin, flavor, and pairing with other foods.

Farmers’ Markets as Source of Burrata

Farmers’ markets provide an opportunity to source fresh, locally-produced Burrata.

Understanding Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets comprise local vendors who sell their produce directly to consumers. These often include homemade or locally-sourced products like Burrata.

Locating Nearby Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ markets are usually held weekly in designated locations. Using local listings or online search tools can help locate nearby options.

Specialty Cheese Shops and Burrata

Enthusiastic cheese lovers will appreciate the exclusive selection that specialty cheese shops can offer.

Advantages of Specialty Cheese Shops

Specialty cheese shops are committed to sourcing premium, often hard-to-find products. They provide expert recommendations and insights, offering a personal touch to your shopping experience.

How to Find Specialty Cheese Shops

Online searches and local guides are a handy way to find specialty cheese shops in your city or locality.

Imported Burrata

Authenticity aficionados might find joy in savoring imported Burrata, made straight from its birthplace.

Understanding Imported Burrata

Imported Burrata signifies that the cheese is produced and sourced directly from Italy. It bears certain regulations and permits to validate its authenticity.

Places to Buy Imported Burrata

Imported Burrata can be found in gourmet food stores, specialty cheese shops, reputable online cheese retailers, and Italian delicatessens.

Optimal Storage for Burrata after Purchase

Once bought, Burrata requires appropriate storage to maintain its goodness.

Correct Storage Procedures

Burrata should be stored in a cool place, ideally in the refrigerator. It’s best to keep it in the original liquid, in an airtight container.

Use-by Date and Burrata

Like many fresh cheeses, Burrata should ideally be consumed within 48 hours of purchase. Always check the expiration date to ensure that you are buying the freshest product available.

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